Classically Inspired-Creative Thai Restaurant

Paste is a Chef-run and owned, food focused restaurant. We strive to have the correct tension between simplicity and complexity.
Paste employ’s finely tuned modern techniques and temperature control, to deliver the cleanest, brightest possible flavours. We aim to keep it interesting through originality, with the right touch of familiarity. Our process begins with the freshest, locally sourced, seasonal produce – we use free range, organic, wild produce wherever possible.
Much of modern food is tortured, distorted and doctored in such a way that it no longer reflects or represents the original ingredients. Paste Thai restaurant instead takes a more conservative approach. By believing that a dish is only as good as the quality of its ingredients. Creatively Paste mixes the different regions of Thailand – taking cues from the central plains, the north, and south. At Paste, our passion is to adapt and discover new and original combinations within this traditional framework.  


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