Royal Thai ‘Yam Tha-Wai’ Salad – Fresh Ingredients, Complex Flavour


With deep roots planted in the aristocratic household days of Thailand’s past, ‘Yum Tha-Wai’ Royal Salad is hardly an ordinary toss.

Unlike modern day chefs that battle quotas, time and profit margins, the ladies who dedicated their lives to Royal Thai Cooking during this period were pressured only to focus their skills on perfecting their art of cooking.

Yum Tha-Wai is an elegant salad with a complex dimension of flavors. A collection of native Asian vegetables are initially blanched in rich coconut milk before being drained and topped with hand shredded, gently torn, pieces of chicken.

The fresh mixture is dressed with a dynamically flavourful curry-relish like sauce that’s accented with vivid herbs and fused together with smoked fish to create a pleasing medley of sour, salty, and sweet. Crispy fried shallots and fragrant toasted sesame seeds are sprinkled on top to add the finishing touch.

This uniquely Thai combination of vegetables possess a rounded balance of flavour that’s a uniquely refreshing twist on the common ‘salad.”


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