VIDEO: Paste – Modern Thai Restaurant in Bangkok

Paste, is an innovative Thai eating house in Bangkok that serves modern Thai food. In this video by Living Fashion, you’ll catch a glimpse of the dishes we serve.

(Note: If you can’t see the video, watch it on YouTube here)

Here’s a brief overview of Paste.

Paste, a freshly opened restaurant in Bangkok, is an innovative eating house that prepares modern Thai food. Chef Jason Bailey explains that their food is definitely not Thai fusion as many of the higher end Thai restaurants in Bangkok are these days. It’s instead Thai cuisine that’s progressed into the modern day. Modern Thai food is not a combination or a variety of cuisines, but it’s based on royal and traditional Thai recipes that have been modernized with creativity into the modern dining scene, and still remain fully Thai.

Jason Bailey and Bongkoch Satongun, the two chefs, are extremely knowledgable about cooking royal Thai cuisine, and paired with their creative culinary ideas, they are able to serve modern variations of Thai classic dishes. In the royal courts of Thailand, Thai dishes were frequently invented by combining a variety of ingredients and flavors of diversity. Paste Bangkok is similar, they are leading the way in combining dynamic flavors within the realm of Thai cuisine.

Another reason Paste differentiates itself from many other Bangkok Thai restaurants is that they strive to use only the highest quality ingredients which are often organic, free range, and wild. They also pay attention to fair trade products within their recipes. While Paste does pay attention to food presentation at their restaurant, the chefs are more interested in preparing dishes where the flavors are perfectly balanced while using the finest local ingredients.

The restaurant is housed in a shop house style home, elegantly decorated with red benches, fine dining ware, and a wall that’s covered in braided wood with a decor of ancient Thai recipe pages. On the second level of the restaurant is a full bar where you’ll have an opportunity to order a fine tuned selection of Asian inspired, stick drink-cocktails and other drinks to complement your meal. Also, there’s an extensive wine list, of which the chefs will be glad to help you decide on a choice that will go ideal with the dishes you order.

One of the signature modern Thai food dishes at Paste is master stock poached organic pork (หมูตุ๋นเสริฟ์กับเกรฟฟรุ๊ตและดอกไม้ไทย). It’s a delectable dish of organic pork neck that’s been slow cooked in a master stock to establish a taste and texture that will surely impress anyone. The pulled pork is so tender and juicy, that it will melt in your mouth. In conjunction with the organic pork, pink grapefruit, avocado slices, toasted rice, fresh Thai herbs, and flowers are tossed into this modern Thai salad.

When it comes to Thai restaurants in Bangkok, Paste Bangkok is innovative and moving forward with a selection of creative and incredibly flavorful modern Thai dishes. There’s one thing you can be assured the chefs will never do: compromise  the true zesty, spicy, and astringent flavors of authentic Thai cuisine.


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