2017 was an amazing year for us here at Paste Bangkok. But don’t take our word for it. The Michelin Guide Bangkok agrees, as do so many satisfied customers and reviewers. Come dine with us. Taste and see why Chef Bee Satongun’s amazing Michelin Star Thai cuisine makes Paste Bangkok one of the best restaurants in Thailand.

One Star: Michelin Guide Bangkok 2018

The designed-to-share menu draws inspiration from royal Thai cuisine and uses century-old cooking techniques with ingredients often sourced directly from localgrowers

- Michelin Guide Bangkok 2018

Time Out Bangkok

We are bursting out with happiness seeing Paste, one of our favourite Thai restaurants, win first place in this category. Chef Jason Bailey and Bongkoch "Bee" Satongun have successfully blended ancient Thai recipes with state-of-the-art cooking techniques, resulting in creations that are favored by Bangkok's most discerning diners Full article here.

- Time Out Bangkok

BK Magazine Top Tables – Top 10 Restaurants In Bangkok

Chef couple Jason Bailey and Bee Satongun define their menu as “royal, creative Thai cuisine based on recipes from between 1870-1930.” Don’t expect molecular or fusion flourishes, as Bailey and Satongun stick to local terroir for the myriad herbs, fruits, flowers and vegetables used in their dishes.' Full article here.

- Top Tables

BK Magazine

'Paste’s plating is equally becoming: relaxed and effortless despite a painterly attention to color. The vibrant multitude of ingredients makes for a complex layering of lively flavors, too, like in the duck salad, which comes with (deep breath) banana flower, coriander, chili, lychee, white sesame seeds, cucumber, toasted rice, roasted coconut slices, soy sprouts, fried garlic, flecks of seaweed, shallots and Vietnamese mint. Despite this incredible diversity, flavors and textures remain distinct. Take the watermelon salad: the fragrant fruit’s juicy flesh contrasts clearly with the dry ground salmon and crispy slithers of coconut—delicious!.' Full article here.

- BK Magazine

Thailand Tatler

‘Paste continues to offer innovative Thai dishes using the finest ingredients. Jason Bailey and Bee Satongun never cease to delight.'

- Thailand Tatler

Bangkok Post – Life Style

Paste deserves more praise for boasting authentic flavour profiles of century-old recipes with slightly modern presentation. Full article here.

- Vanniya Sriangura

Lifestyle Asia

'Paste Bangkok doesn’t have to shout about what it’s doing — the dedication to raising the standard of Thai fine dining and food that’s captured the attentions of some of Thailand’s most prominent and influential families and still retained your independence, any hype seems unnecessary.' Full article here.

- Lifestyle Asia

USA Today Travel

'Traditional Thai dishes from all regions of the country are to be found here, but done with beautiful creative twists and a total attention to taste combinations enough to wow the most discerning diner.' Full article here.

- USA Today Travel

One Place Bangkok

This is no mere fusion or run-of-the-mill Thai restaurant. No, Paste Bangkok is much more. It is built on history, passion and a love for aristocratic Thai cuisine. The recipes and menu are inspired by renowned Thai families and aristocrats that have refined their recipes over many centuries. Full article here.

- Shayan Naveed

Look East Magazine

The flavors come from the freshness of the ingredients, rather than being an over-reaching attempt at confusing attempts of fusion—much in line with traditional Thai ' Full article here.

- Look East Magazine

The Wall Street Journal

'The menu pays homage to the integrated, citrusy flavors of central Thai cooking, many dishes incorporate the earthiness and Yunnanese ingredients of northern Thailand.' Full article here.

- The Wall Street Journal

U Magazine – Hong Kong

...以傳統作基調令泰菜推向更高層次, 當中巧妙地利用泰國的香料, 調配出叫人驚喜連連的菜式 .

- U Magazine - Hong Kong


'Overall, Paste is a triumph, fusing tradition and innovation with a confidence and craft that never veers into showiness.' Full article here.

- Bangkok101

Eating Thai Food

'Paste is a restaurant in Bangkok that leads the scene in modern Thai food. Their ingredients are of extreme high quality and care is put into every detail of dish preparation, without holding back on the flavors the way they are supposed to be.' Full article here.

- Eating Thai Food

Bangkok Post – Guru Magazine

"Paste does a lot more than rehash old Thai recipes, injecting interest and enthusiasm to the scene. Smart Navigation of tradition and innovation." Full article here.

- Bangkok Post